About Hans
Hans is a retired DuPont scientist who received his undergraduate degrees from Brooklyn College, BS '52, MA '53, and a doctorate from the University of Wisconsin, PhD '56. His PhD work is still in use today as ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials) procedure E2041, the "Borchardt-Daniels Method".

During research on the properies of rare earth compunds, bright red flourescence was found from Europium compounds which was reported in 1963 [Journal of Chemical Physics 38, 1251 (1963)]. Some years later, Europium compounds appeared as the red component of phosphors in color TV.

Since retirement, he successfully developed a small business, the Ocean Pro Shop and, more recently (2003) formed a non-profit corporation, CompEd Inc, where he and Tish serve as volunteers to develop simplified instructional material and teach computer classes, often to seniors who are beyond their peak learning periods. We donated the use of a bay of our garage which was converted to a 7 work station computer studio where Tish now conducts most of the classes.

Formerly active in the Tea Party Patriots, we are among those, successfully discredited as ignorant tea baggers by the left wing "win machine".