Vintage Rod Components

Located at 4062 Dupont Parkway, Townsend, Delaware, 19734, USA.
Phone 302-378-7243. Contact us by email .


The shopping cart is new and we have had little experience with it so far. If anything irregular should arise PLEASE contact us by phone (302-378-7243) or email ( Any irregularities will be resolved fairly and if in doubt, in your favor.

Prior to payment, please contact us with orders for shipment outside the US or for large orders where the shopping cart has no provisions for discounts.


Orders over $ 335 earn a 25% discount; over $ 750, 33% discount. Because of the very meager remaining supply of Wulff blanks, no discount is offered on these.


Minimum order is $ 20.00.


Kits and blanks are shipped in plastic pipe. There is a $5 packaging charge to cover the cost of the plastic pipe, $8 for pipes greater than 2 inches.

In the US, kits and rod blanks are sent by priority mail. Since several kits can be fit into a single shipping pipe, the cost of shipping several kits is not much more than that for shipping one.

Items weighing less than 13 ounces can be sent by low cost First Class mail.

Rates are available from the USPS rate calculator.