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Conolon Fly Rod Blanks

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All the natural blanks in this listing have received multiple coats of marine spar varnish with in-between buffing and have the rich-looking appearance seen in the picture to the right.

The blanks being offered here exhibits the progressive action and recovery Conolon is known for. These design innovations along with the smooth action gives glass the ability to make fast accurate presentations with the delicacy of fiberglass. The blanks were designed with reserve power and speed to be versatile, giving it the ability to work small to medium water, especially with surrounding cover, providing quick pick-up and fast to point delivery and power in the butt to fight fish efficiently and preserve them as a resource.

Wulff Fly Rod Blanks
The Lee Wulff line of fly rods are believed to have originated from an 8 foot 9 inch masterblank from which the various blanks were cut. Wulff fly rods were offered at lengths, 6 foot (model 2070); 7 foot (model 2072); 7 1/2 foot (model 2073); 8 foot (model 2074).

Length/Rod model
6 foot (2070?)
7 foot (2072?)
7 1/2 foot (2073?)
8 foot (2074?)
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More Details
More Details

All blanks are priced at $ 80. Included with the 6 foot blank is the unique cork grip found on the 2070 rod; blank only for the rest. The blanks will be shipped in one piece unless requested otherwise. If the buyer intends to install a ferrule, we would cut the blank in half thereby reducing shipping cost. We no longer install ferrules.

Conolon 2-piece Fly Rod Blanks
Occasionally we find tip and butt sections that make up into a 2-piece tip over butt blank. We compare its flex to that of the Wulff blank. If it is similar or "softer", we offer it as a 2-piece Conolon fly rod blank. The lengths typically range from 6 to 7 foot. We generally have one or two on hand. Price: $ 80 each.